Some typical examples of tower corrosion on the coastal ranges.

IMG_20141007_131426 IMG_20141007_123513

“True to the core spirit of Entropy is our commitment to excellence in preventative maintenance”.

Corrosion is by definition the heart and sole of entropy, therefore It is only natural that we tackle it head on!

To that end we have created a new document entitled Entropy Corrosion Classification Guidelines.

These guidelines provide an overview of the methodologies used by Entropy Tech Services personnel in the inspection and corrosion evaluation of steel assets on behalf of asset managers and maintenance supervisors. It also outlines the guidelines for reporting and remediation of identified corrosion issues.
Entropy Tech Services aims to provide the latest in photographic techniques, backed up by real world experience, climbing and assessing tower infrastructure giving an ‘added value’ service to our existing and prospective clients.

For more information on our Corrosion inspection and preventative maintenance programs contact us directly on 0412 654 142, Martin Belson or 0400 122 157, Josh Eggett.

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