LAD-SAF Fall Arrest System Inspection and Installation


Entropy Tech Services is now inspecting and installing LAD-SAF Fall Arrest and Height Safety Systems.

LAD-SAF cable and system freshly installed and certified by Entropy Tech Services on the ladder-way ready for use.

Common Problems Identified During Inspection Process

Inspect bottom bracket mainframe for excessive corrosion.

Bottom Bracket Inspection Note: Tension Indicator Ring compromised due to corrosion. Recommended Action: Replace tension ring and locking nuts. Inspect bottom bracket mainframe for excessive corrosion and replace if necessary.

Corrosion on Top Bracket Internal Mechanisms.

Top Bracket Inspection Notes: Corrosion on Top Bracket Internal Mechanisms compromise cable retention strength and shock absorption abilities. Recommended Action: Replace Top Bracket Internals, Cable and Bottom Bracket with new Tension Indicator Ring.

Corrosion on cable.

Cable inspection notes: Corrosion on cable compromises cable strength and impedes climbers LAD-SAF sleeve performance. Recommended Action: Replace cable, top and bottom brackets, and re-tension cable to correct torque strength using new Tension Indicator Ring on Bottom Bracket.

Fresh Installation Examples

New Top Bracket.

Top Bracket freshly installed at a height suitable for climber to safely transfer at work platform.

Fresh Internals installed in top bracket.

Fresh Internals installed in top bracket. Note: cable protrudes no less than 2.54cm and no greater than 5.08cm beyond top of carrier clamp.. As per DBI SALA specifications.

Tag affixed and RFI tag.

Installation Tag affixed to backside of Bottom Bracket along with RFI tag for system information.

For a more in depth look at Entropy Tech Service’s LAD-SAF Installation procedures, please refer to the following report: Entropy LAD-SAF Report.