Corrosion and
Coating Inspection
(international certification)
Height Safety Fall Arrest
System Inspection
and Replacement
Maintenance and
Technical Services
RPA Surveys
Unmanned Aerial Systems
(in development)
Microwave links
Generator Servicing
and Refuelling

Commitment to safety and the environment

Aside from our in house OH&S induction and training we agree to undertake any and all inductions, training required by any client.

ENTROPY SERVICES performs on-site risk assessment inspections prior to any work undertaken. If further training is required to achieve the safety outcome it is initiated without hesitation. We have a check list of items in relation to OH&S which we adhere to strictly, prior to works undertaken.

ENTROPY SERVICES understands its obligation to adhere to legislation associated to the protection of the environment in regards to any and all work undertaken. In training for pre-requisites for an ACDC license we have a good understanding of government legislation in regards to the use of herbicides. In the past it has been requested to use residual herbicides on low lying lands. Prior to making a decision we contacted the local council in regards to the particular site in question and any environmental issues related to the site. In this case run-off to wetlands was a concern and the use of such herbicides has been curtailed.

ENTROPY SERVICES operates to a high standard of service using quality equipment that is well maintained. Any consumables used by ENTROPY SERVICES are of highest quality. We maintain on-going quality control of both services provided and equipment and consumables used. In concert with our customers we maintain a working relationship that allows for feedback and open lines of communication to improve our work in response to requests from our clients.

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The second law of thermodynamics,

i.e. All things turn to dust.

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Communication Tower Assessment

We are Zintec anti-corrosion Technology consultants.
Zintec Corrosion Solutions is the only Australian company to import ZINGA from Belgium. Our expert consultants can explain how ZINGA works, and how there are huge savings to be made in downtime, application time and in future maintenance effort.

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Coating and Corrosion Inspection Solutions

For over 30 years, the NACE Coating Inspector Program has set the standard for inspections in the protective coatings industry and is the world’s most recognized coating inspector certification program.Entropy Tech Services has access to NACE Coating Inspectors. Stay tuned for developments in our inspection regime documentation.

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Safety at Heights Fall Arrest Solutions

3M/Capital Safety is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fall protection, confined space and rescue equipment, with a passionate commitment to quality, innovation and safety.

With more patents, more engineers and more industry innovations than any other fall protection manufacturer, it’s no wonder that Capital Safety and its brands are the most recognized and trusted around the globe. With 50 years of history, DBI-SALA and Protecta products are considered mainstays of modern fall protection.

Entropy Tech Services is proud to be a distribution partner and certified installer of DBI-Sala fall arrest systems, specializing in the LAD-SAF system inspection and replacement/installation.

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Satellite Data Solutions

We are satellite data solution providers.
For the past several years we have provided remote telemetry and voip/internet data via VSAT and BGAN to international projects from Movie productions (Baz Lurhman’s “AUSTRALIA”) to Environmental Monitoring systems and Mining operations.

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Geophysical Survey Services and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAV)

Provision of support to Helicopter EM, Magnetometer and Radiometric systems in remote locations in Papua New Guinea, Tanami Desert and Western Queensland. Configuration and operation of sensors, cameras and communications on helicopters for geophysical surveying and photography. Using our new drone flying camera (UAV), we can survey steel assets in complete safety without powering any equipment down and report our findings using photographic evidence to our clients.

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